Helping Children Adjust to Divorce

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Children of Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful things adults and children experience. The severity of the effects of divorce on children depends on many issues. These include:

. Emotional attitudes of parents
. Financial situation
. Age of children

Emotional Attitudes of Parents

These are just a few of the issues to consider that affect children of divorce. The most significant issue is the emotional attitudes of parents. Some divorcing parents manage to maintain civility and mature attitudes throughout the divorce process. This is always the best environment for children of divorcing parents. When hostility between parents is obvious, even non-verbal hostility is observed by children. This often creates hurtful, fearful feelings for younger children.

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Figuring Out Child Visitation During the Process of Divorce

Divorce | DivorceAdviceForChildren.comWhen there are children involved in a divorce, care for those children must continue despite the split between parents. If individuals cannot agree on when and how their children will be cared for, it is sometimes agreed upon during the legal proceedings. For instance, a parent who is working full time may only be able to care for his or her children on the weekends and on holidays. Perhaps the other parent has the children during the week.

However, establishing this schedule and maintaining it might be a point of tension between divorcing parents. There are many resources available online for parents who have trouble with the child visitation schedule. For instance, the online child custody calendar can be an easy way to keep track of visitation schedules, custody arrangements, and child support payments. Continue reading