How Are Divorce Laws Handled?

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If your parents are getting divorced, there are a lot of unanswered questions you may have about the process and the different laws each of them will need to follow. The divorce laws are different in each state, but they must be followed. Your parents could each hire professional attorneys to represent them during the divorce and thoroughly explain the laws.

Rules for Dividing the Property

Although the exact law differs from state to state, married couples who are ending the relationship often need to divide their property. They may not need to split property they owned before the marriage, but likely need to figure out how they are going to split everything else they bought together while in the marriage. Some of the property may include the home, vehicles, boats and even property inside the home, such as furniture. Continue reading

Figuring Out Child Visitation During the Process of Divorce

Divorce | DivorceAdviceForChildren.comWhen there are children involved in a divorce, care for those children must continue despite the split between parents. If individuals cannot agree on when and how their children will be cared for, it is sometimes agreed upon during the legal proceedings. For instance, a parent who is working full time may only be able to care for his or her children on the weekends and on holidays. Perhaps the other parent has the children during the week.

However, establishing this schedule and maintaining it might be a point of tension between divorcing parents. There are many resources available online for parents who have trouble with the child visitation schedule. For instance, the online child custody calendar can be an easy way to keep track of visitation schedules, custody arrangements, and child support payments. Continue reading