Minimizing the Effects of Divorce on Children

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Divorces are often hard for everyone, especially children. With so much pain, emotion and frustration involved in the situation, it is easy for parents to lose sight of how their actions can affect their children. Here are a few ways to minimize the effects of divorce on children.


Divorces are often life changing situations where the lines of communication often break down between all parties that are involved. In nasty divorces, the parents tend to yell and argue with each other, and the children tend to become angry and withdrawn. Instead of resorting to negative behavior in an effort to make yourself heard, try communicating in a normal and positive manner. Both parents have to make a conscious effort to restore the lines of communication so that their children do not blame themselves or their parents and resort to holding their emotions inside.

Spend Time

Even though you be may be in the midst of a divorce, children tend to be more resilient to the effects of the situation when both parents spend more time with them. Children often feel forgotten about in divorce situations. Spending more time with your children shows them that you still care about them. It also shows them that they are still a very vital component of your lives, regardless of what is going on with mommy and daddy.


Depending on the dynamics of your divorce, it is a good idea to go to a family therapist. A family therapist can pinpoint any issues that you and your children are having and help you to resolve them. The sooner you take your children to see a family therapist, the easier it will be to minimize the emotional consequences of your divorce.

Even though children are pretty resilient, you should never underestimate them or their understanding of the situation. Encourage your children to remain open and communicative with you and their other parent so that you both can keep them as happy as possible.