Build a Better Relationship Through Fun Activities With Your Child

Bonding Activities |

When the relationship between mom and dad is dissolving, it is important to reaffirm and strengthen relationships between parent and child. Scheduling regular time for fun and relaxation together will help you connect with your child. As you focus on your child and engage with them in an activity that you can both enjoy, you will create happy memories and increase the positive feelings in your relationship.

Schedule a Consistent Time For Fun

Doing something fun with your child does not have to be elaborate or expensive, but it does require some planning and your deliberate attention. It will add to your child’s sense of stability to schedule a consistent time each day or each week to do activities with your child. While some evenings and weekends might not be open, at least one evening a week can be set aside as time for playing and enjoying each other’s company with no disruptions or distractions. Once you settle on a specific time, write it on the calendar and talk with your son or daughter about your idea. As you come up with ideas together you can build the excitement surrounding these dates and give your child something to look forward to.

Make Happy Memories Together

Bonding activities can be anything you both enjoy. You might consider alternating between activities that take you out of the home and those that can be done in the living room. Here is a list to jumpstart the brainstorming session between you and your son or daughter:

  • Build something with blocks or Legos
  • Read a good book out loud while you cuddle on the sofa
  • Visit a new park
  • Get out the art supplies and paint a picture
  • Bake cookies
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Learn about another culture by sampling some of its cuisine
  • Explore a local museum, zoo, or aquarium


Often, the best conversations can take place while you work together to tackle a project or try something new. As you make time for fun with your child, you are showing your love and building a close bond.