Books for Children Whose Parents are Divorcing

Books | DivorceAdviceForChildren.comThere are rare occasions when children need to take it upon themselves to get the care they need. Perhaps they feel as though their parents aren’t meeting emotional their needs, and this can be especially true for children whose parents are going through a divorce.

One way to begin to get the emotional and psychological care is to read. There are many books for children who are trying to navigate the tumultuous waters of divorce. The following a list of books for children to learn about divorce and how it might affect them.

A Heart With Two Homes by Epperson, Monica

Charlie Anderson by Abercrombie, Barbara

Taxi Taxi. Little Brown by Best, Cari

Dinosaur’s Divorce by Brown, Laurene Krasny and Brown, Marc

Boundless Grace by Hoffman, Mary

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear by Lansky, Vicki

Tots Are Non-Divorceable by Bonkowski, Sara

Let’s Talk About It: Divorce by Rogers, Fred

Daddy’s Roommate by Willhoite, Michael

Good-Bye Daddy! by Weninger, Brigette

Mom and Dad Break Up by Prestine, Joan Singleton

Always My Dad by Wyeth, Sharon Dennis

Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore by Stinson, Kathy

When Daddy Comes to Visit by Burke, Maggie

Daddy by Caines, Jeannette

Priscilla Twice by Caseley, Judith

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Cleary, Beverly

Changing Families: A Guide for Kids and Grown-Ups by Fassler, David, Michele Lash, Sally Blakeslee Ives

My Life Turned Upside Down, But I Turned It Rightside Up by Field, Mary Blitzer and Hennie Share

At Daddy’s on Saturday by Girard, Linda Walvoord

When Mom and Dad Separate by Hiegaard, Marge

Through the Eyes of Children: Healing Stories for Children of Divorce by, Johnston, Janet, Karen Breunig, Carla Garrity and Mitchell Baris

Megan’s Two Houses by Jong, Erica

What Can I do? A Book For Children of Divorce by Lowry, Danielle

Why are We Getting a Divorce? by Mayle, Peter

My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They’re Getting Divorced by Nightingale, Lois V., Ph.D.

Don’t Make Me Smile by Park, Barbara

The Case of the Scary Divorce by Pickhardt, C.E.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids: How to feel at home in one home or two by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.

Divorced But Still My Parents by Thomas, Shirley, Ph.D. and Dorothy Rankin

Families by Tax, Meredith

It’s Not the End of the World by Blume, Judy,

Teens Are Not Divorceable: A Workbook for Divorced Parents and Their Teens, by Bonkowski, Sara

The Divorce Express by Danziger, Paula

This is Me and My Two Families by Evans, Marla D.

The Kids’ Book of Divorce: By, For and About Kids by Fayerweather Street School

Billie’s World by Finkel, Kim Grossman

My Parents Are Divorced, Too by Ford, Melanie, Annie and Steven,

Will Dad Ever Move Back Home? by Hogen, Paula Z

How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce by Kimball, Gayle, Ph.D.

Bad, Badder, Baddest by Voigt, Cynthia

The Hatchet by Paulsen, Gary

This list of books is meant to be helpful for children whose parents are divorcing. They may be able to provide the emotional and psychological support that children need during divorce. When parents are too distracted by the conflicts, stress, and emotional strife of their divorce and neglect the emotional needs of their children, these books might provide support, guidance, and care.