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Most people have heard the statistic “50% of all marriages in America end in divorce”. This is partly true but it doesn’t include the finer details. Divorces that take place among couples without children are slightly higher than couples who have children, and depending on a couple’s age, the rates of divorce vary widely.


Nonetheless, divorce rates in the United States are only growing, and the harmful effects they can have on children prompted this site. Children need a place to go to get answers, to sort through the chaos, and to find meaning in the tumultuous occurring at home.


Parents going through a divorce might be familiar with the torturous moments of feeling like a failure, thinking that you were ruining the lives of my children, or feeling the tension between you and your spouse and how that intense stress stamped out every bit of joy left in the house. But most of all, parents often feel the need to be right and to little by little take revenge on their spouse, putting children right in the middle. Even if you wanted to protect your children from the split you and your spouse were going through, there were likely times when your children were hurt unintentionally. Despite an intense longing to protect and shelter your children from pain, they are likely go to feel loss and loneliness.


For this reason, there must be a safe shelter for children and teens to find refuge. Parents might find this site a source of reprieve as well. One parent indicated that she recently discovered new ways to understand her husband’s point of view, and she no longer felt the need to be right. She began to take responsibility for her own pain and growth. And she gave her children the freedom they needed to grow too, even though she knew it was going to be hard at times for them…and for her.


You’ll find stories of divorce here, from parents, from children, but in the name of giving children and teens information, support, and shelter from the storms taking place at home. Sometimes, there is incredible heaviness associated with the widening gap in a family unit. But with support, that heaviness can lift.


This is a site for children and for parents alike who want to find a way to move through the pain and tension with as much ease as possible. And so, you’ll find help here, especially on how to cope with the anxiety and depression that can come with a divorcing family. And you’ll also find hope and a vision that all of you will be okay.

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